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Friday, 5 October 2012

Rhodes action and awesome autumn


Well this Autumn is shaping up rather nicely with all the wind and waves on offer and lets hope it stays this way, and temperate too, for as long as possible. This newsletter is to give you a heads up on what's going on, my latest toys and which clinics are booking and selling fast. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read it : )

Rhodes reflection:
I am just back from my from 10th Anniversary of coaching clinics in Rhodes and off to Brandon Bay, Ireland next week for my WaterPerson (WP) clinics there. Prasonisi gave us a few days of very light winds until the hairdryer came back on and gave us a fine send off, hats off to the crew for being focussed, fun and most of all relaxed about the delay in the wind, as we all know that there are no guarantees in life and even in Rhodes the wind needs a breather sometimes.

Looping it up on the NEW RRD wave cult quad 92

Autumn action:
Since my return it has been great to get some autumn action in and enjoy conditions around my local breaks, and also on a road trip down to Camber Sands. Their is something about the colder weather, the rain and changeable conditions that seems to excite and inspire me and yes there is no place like home : )

Toys, toys, toys - we love em:
During my ocean realignment on my home turf I have ahd the opportunity to really get to know my new toys and I must say I am loving my new Ezzy Panther Elites and the New RRD Wave Cult Quads.

The 4 battened Elites are lighter, easier power and more neutral for rides, gybes and style and really allow you to throttle the power on or off, yet they are still strong and with a huge wind range and a massive top end.

Now that I have had some quality testing time on my New Cult Quads, and in a range of conditions, I am happy to say that I have them dialled in and am really appreciating their virtues. It is also worth noting that not only am I enjoying them but so too are the people I lend them to in order to test them and provide me with valuable insight, same goes for the Elites. The feedback thus far on the RRD Cult Quads is that they are earlier to plane, have more wind range and a livelier / faster ride. Due to the narrower tails and increased tail rocker, with more vee, they are looser and now with more drive too. Yesterday saw my onshore wave riding performance  definitely go up a notch - I LOVE THEM! Get in touch if you want to discuss or test either of the above.

Clinic News:

Marvelous Marsa Alam, Egypt is now open for bookings so come on down to take a break from Winter and get tuned up for your 2013 season on March 13th and 20th. The early booking offer has now been extended to October 31st.

Perfect Prasonisi, Reliable Rhodes which over 10 years and around 40 clinics has averaged 4 - 5 days a week of planing conditions and has just commenced taking bookings and we also have an early booking offer on this too - till October 31st. New for 2013, in Rhodes, is my ladies clinic, called Jem's Jewels, where I will be assisted by a female co - coach and will be providing a supportive, inspiring and focussed environment where ladies will have the opportunity to not only enjoy a great holiday but also seriously improve their windsurfing.

The Mecca of Moulay, Morocco on May 9th and 16th is already taking a lot of bookings and we are ready to give you a fab holiday and an awesome waterperson (WP) / wavesailing experience, bookings are with

Email me for more details on these clinics and to discuss your booking.

I look forward to hearing from you or indeed seeing you on the water either on the UK's fair shores or on a clinic in the very near future.

Live your life with passion and as my good friend Tony Tatts just said, 'You rarely regret your experiences but you do regret what you did not do.' Take action and always look to be the pilot and not the passenger.

Rip, Appreciate, Taste and Enjoy,


Ps please page down and check out the pics of my Rhodes rippers and there top demonstrations of sound technique. A special mention has to go to my Cypriot friend, Melios, who has been windsurfing for only 4 months, and with Beginner to Winner to guide him plus his focus, passion and energy he was able to pull off his first carve gybes on the clinic. The crew also helped him and he worked very very hard in the light winds on his tacks, clew first sailing and gybe fundamentals .... and when the wind came he stepped it up another gear - huge respect.

He and his fellow Rhodes rippers are now ready to move there sailing forward as they all improved in several areas:
They are better self coaches
Posing in front of the camera - unleash a still camera and a windsurfers competency often doubles : )
Performing skill specific drills
Target setting
Work rate
Having fun by remembering the positives and knowing when less is more, ie. not oversailing

Great carve entrance by James Mellor
James M and Andy Ruby loving it

Marian Weller showing perfect stance : )

Piers T refining his first duck gybes!
Jimi M carving it up on the beloved RRD FireMove
Halvor the ripping Norwegian Ezzy Importer about to duck it up
Anders B M showing perfect carve technique on the Ezzy Elite

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