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Monday, 7 May 2012

Marvelous Marsa & latest news

I hope this update finds you as excited as I am about some warmer and windier weather on the horizon. Some of you will be thinking about getting out for your first session of the northern hemisphere spring and wondering if it is warm enough? Well, the sea temps are on the up, the days are longer and the wind has finally returned and like you I am praying for a relatively warmer and most definitely windy weekend for you to go out and get your sea legs back - so please get your kit ready, watch the forecasts and lets get you good old ocean realignment.

This newsletter will highlight some upcoming UK events I have, highlight latest clinic availability, give you the report on my recent clinic to Marsa Alam and I will slip in lots of other juicy links and info too.

As I am enjoying some time at home on the south coast of the UK I arranged 2 local events;

1. On Thursday April April 26th I showed off all the RRD / Ezzy toys at Andy Biggs Watersports on Hayling Island, 02392 467755. I will also be talking kit set ups and handing out some top technique tips and give you a chance to ask me any questions you wish to ask.
2. I arranged on Friday April 27th a jump & loop day at West Wittering through X train / 2XS . It is on a rollover, so if it is windy will run - but alas none came - next opportunity is July now, phone 01243 513077 to book up.


1. Reliable Rhodes in Perfect Prasonisi this June has the last few places so get yourself some wind, sun, a great holiday and a definite performance boost by booking ASAP.
2. Psc, Baja in August has one or 2 places left for my 'down the line pure deep joy' wave riding and water person clinic.
3. The Brazil clinic has now been CHANGED TO JERI ONLY and has lots of interest and bookings are coming in now so join me for GUARANTEED WIND, WARMTH & WAVES

For BRAZIL and RHODES please book with Sportif on 0044 (0)1273 844919.  Email me to discuss your options and suitability for either of these clinics or indeed for the down the line joy of PSC, Baja.

 March 2012 saw me return to Marvelous Marsa Alam after my inaugural visit in 2011 and my clients and I were not disappointed, we had 4 - 5 days planing on week one and it was full power on week 2 including one windy onshore day which was great for jumping, fun and frolics. Hats off to both groups as they both worked hard and stepped up their sailing. Both weeks saw the coveted 'most improved sailor' prize go to the relatively lower ability members of the clinic, Greg Brown worked incredibly hard and was unrecognisable from the chap in the rescue boat on the first 2 days to a full speed flying machine by day 6. In week 2 Ian 'EastBourne Massive' G. improved steadily every day and was fully working on his gybes by the end of the week, while trying to destroy my beloved RRD FSW 102 V2 : )

I would like to mention that in week one I broke my record for amount of different nationalities on a clinic, with the total being 8, hailing from Holland, Finland, French Canada, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Bermuda and the UK, of course. The centre there is very friendly and quiet, the sailing area vast and uncrowded, with flat water inside, chop and then swell outside and the food is damn fine. We will be back in March 2013 and if you want to join us then book early as this will have a very high amount of returning rippers.

In other news you might like to check out a great Interview with John Skye on the fab Boards online mag, their Spring edition bumper Mag is out now with lots of great articles and is a fantastic read. If you wish to catch up on some technique joy from my good self then catch up on my 'Moves that Matter' technique series.


Ah yes, you knew these were coming, well RRD have come out with a mighty fine Inflatable SUP for those of you that can't store these rather large items and want a very ease to use and performance product.

Next up my RRD FireMove 110 continues to blow both my clients and I away, the best I can say about this board is that after people sail it they say, I want one! It planes sooo damn early, goes quick and is easy to sail and gybes like a dream, and I can 360 and loop it too : )

Lastly, I got the chance to test and tune the Ezzy Cheetah 6.5 out in Egypt and found it lighter and faster then the previous Freeride incarnations, yet still with the same massive wind range and fabulous build quality and it sets on a 430 mast - sweet. Check out the attached advert!

 I am off to taste and enjoy the Magic of Moulay, Morocco with on my 2 wave clinics there, it will be full carnage as people move on up in jumps, rides and loops of all kinds - can't wait !!

Goodbye from me and if you don't go then you won't know,


ps the pics are mainly courtesy of Mary Bush - big thanks to her - page down for more pics

PPS FRIDAY FUNNY - check out this blast from the past courtesy of Dr Richard Dudley - nice shorts and great stance from me : )

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