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Monday, 19 April 2010

Last orders and stag w'end

A very good morning to you and a belated happy Easter. What a difference a bit of wind and sun makes and these longer nights are just fab hey.

This letter will urge you to book the last few places on clinics for the year, tell you the low down on my Cape Town and El Tur trips and inform of you what is coming up for the big bald yoda.

A new feature to these letters, and thanks to Edward @ Herringbone and Coxy @ Big Salty Weather, is that you can now click on the pics and see them in a bigger size - yay. Not sure if you want to see the crotch squeeze laydown any bigger though??  : )

Last few places in Rhodes, June 9th for intermediates and June 30th for loopers.
June 16th may have a small space too. Sept. 8th NOW SOLD OUT!
Mauritius on Sept 22nd has space too.
PSC / Baja, Ireland, Jeri / Brazil - SOLD OUT till further notice.
CALL SPORTIF ON +44 (0)1273 844919 /
Contact me for more details

Cape of Joy:
Back in Jan/Feb I had my usual sojourn to Cape Town and it was amazing. Thanks to martin Sellars for being the co-pilot and wave brother as we covered alot of miles and sailed everywhere. I got my first sail at Elands Bay and also climbed up Lions head which scared the s**t out of me but probably inspired me to re-learn how to push loop.

It was great to hook up with Skyeboy and do some testing for RRD and of course hang out with Don Roberto Ricci himself. We were joined on many of the beaches by El Toro Clive Boden and Kyle McGinn who both put some video footage together on MPORA

You can read the travel article by Sophie and I on Cape Town, called 2 Oceans - 2 sides, in the fantastic Boards mag March Edition and you can also now view my old wannabe wavesailor technique articles too : )

After a busy month or so in the office it was off to El Tur for my first clinic of the year and it was very international in feel. Thanks to my Austrian, 2 Dutch, 4 Irish and 6 British peops for making it such a fab week and for working so hard.

We had about 4 days of planing and 2 of light wind training which was perfect. First gybes were made, stances got faster but sorry boys the girls improved the most : )

Thanks to Phil, Dan and Danielle for being excellent hosts and for getting me some of the great pics you can see right here.

Gareth also has some more pictures here.

Their are so many good movies on the old interweb now but for a bit of reflection check out John Skye's movies on Mpora and of course the loop movie that he and I made, and for added inspiration El Toro's loop story is pure class. If you are not gagging to loop after these then you never will be!!

Not only do we have National windsurf week on May 1 - 9 but now we have World Windsurf week, so get involved and spread the love and joy of windsurfing far and wide please.

May also sees the start of the Uk wave comps and a new dawn has come with the BWA now in charge their has never been a better time to do your first amateur event. Its fun and you will learn loads and will it ever focus you!

We have the National Windsurf festival in September and I am proud to announce that I will be there so come down and have a chat and race a round a few buoys. Also throughout the year the BSA are having lots of slalom events and with a big focus on fun races and masterblasters, alongside this their are now lots of local slalom clubs so get involved as going fast never went out of fashion.

Well, I am now off to my stag weekend so wish me luck and if you see me in Wales somewhere naked and with no eyebrows do more than say 'bend your back leg.' My best man said 'no body gets out of here alive,' sounds ominous so I bid you Au revoir, hopefully. Sophie and I are getting married in May and we are very excited.

Before the wedding I will be in Mouthwatering Moulay for my first wave clinic there, cue wigs and Moroccan tea for our big night out.

Ta Ta for now and a huge thanks to all of you for booking up past and present, this has been my fastest and biggest sales year ever for clinics and that is alot down to your support and word of mouth promotion. Keep this coming and it is great to see so many new customers from all around the globe.

Passion, love and commitment,


Ps check out Boardseeker for a new batch of technique video clips in the coming months


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